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Attendance Tracking APP. Clock in and out by the App

Starting From $9.00 Month

BadgeMe is an app-based attendance tracking service. It doesn't require installations, badges, or timekeepers machines.
Employees clock in and out with the app and all you need is your smartphone. It's simple and fast — clocking in and out or reporting the presence in a place has never been easier. Employees mark their presence on the smartphone and employer check it in real time from the web console from any place. With BadgeMe, you simplify personnel management. No more worksheets. Manage permissions, holidays, illnesses, activities, and even work reports if necessary. And all of this comes at an unbeatable price.


Main Features

Attendance management Never so easy and convenient. Will not miss a minute of working time.

Recorded timestamps are available in real time through console.
No need for time attendance devices. Everything in the app.
Time off requests and approvals through the app approve workflow.
Follow up in real-time team activities. You'll always know.
Fraud prevent algorithms authentication by biometry and PIN.
Comprehensive reports, delays, worked hours, overtime etc.

All-in-one Attendance Management Solution

BadgeMe: a single service to manage staff attendance in one or multiple locations or branches. At truly affordable costs, you'll always know who is present without being on-site. By using one or more stamping points, you can capture your staff's attendance and have it available in real-time on the web console.

Attendance management system based on an app. No attendance devices or badges required. No installation needed. Try it for free.

Say goodbye to cumbersome paper sheets or expensive specialized programs for attendance, staff, and activity management.

01. Simplify attendance tracking

Easily track employee attendance with the innovative app-based stamping system, without the need for external devices, badges, or time clocks.

02. Forget the stress


Say goodbye to cumbersome paper sheets or expensive specialized programs for attendance and activity management. Say wellcome to semplicity.

03. Attendance Management App

Clocking by the app. Clock in, clock out or report presence is really simple. No RFID cards or time attendance devices are required. All you need is your smartphone and a few simple taps.

BadgeMe is comprehensive

All you need from an attendance management system is available within a single service.

BadgeMe is convenient

You need just the smartphone. No need to buy time attendance devices. And with the free plan, BadgeMe is free..

What is the past experience of your teachers?

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BadgeMe is easy

Intuitive to configure and easy to use. Despite if your organization has a single site or multiple sites.

BadgeMe works from everywhere

In your site, at the customer, in the street, in the shop at the delivery or collection point, outside and inside.