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Frenkey Box


Frenkey Box - Access Control Secure Unit


Frenkey Box is a secure unit designed for access control applications. It allows users to open gates and doors securely by using a mobile phone or any other connected device. No keys or badges are needed. Through the Frenkey cloud service Frenkey Box enables users to have a full virtual access experience. It is a secure solution implementing end to end security. Only registered users can interact with the system after their authentication. All user actions are logged by the system. It is possible to define a per user access control policy. Each unit comes with six inputs and four outputs. Inputs can be configured to be analog and digital.

How it works?

Say goodbye to keys and remote controls

Purchase Key quickly and securely
Set up with ease and fast
That's it! Start Using right away.

Installation And Power Supply

The installation of the Frenkey Box access control device is very simple. Only a few wires need to be connected. It can be installed in an electrical panel or on a wall. You need a power supply between 2V/24V (current >500 mA), a connection to the electric lock of a smart lock or gate contacts, an internet connection, and you're all set.

Download the Frenkey app and control the Frenkey Box. You can create keys, send them to other users, define permissions and authorizations, and ultimately destroy keys directly from your mobile phone. It's simple and fast.

Products Overview & Features

Products Features-1

Access Control Unit for 4 doors

User Authentication

User Roles

Keys and Users Administration

End to End security

Weekly Access Control Policy

Products Features-2

Access Logs

Discovery Protocol

Real Time Clock

4 Outputs with NC/NA contacts

ON/OFF or programmable pulse output

6 analog/digital inputs

Product Overview

Power Supply 12V/24V

Installation in an electrical panel on a DIN rail.

Input and Extension

Ethernet 10M/100M


Frenkey Features

Product image

Like a key but digital

Frenkey digitizes the access experience. The keys are digital and securely stored in the smartphone.
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Online Key Delivery

Key delivery is online. Create the key and share it securely over the internet. There is no need for any physical interaction between users.

Product image

User Authentication

Before opening the door, the system authenticates the user. Only the key owner can open the door. Enhance the access experience.
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You always know who has entered

You have control over every access; you always know who has entered. You can set access permissions on a daily and weekly basis.