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IOT Brick is a device for IoT, PLC, and smart relay applications. No programming is required. The application logic is configurable using basic functional blocks. By connecting these functional blocks together, you can implement the application logic that reads inputs and performs outputs.

IOT Brick is a connected and controllable device simply from a mobile phone or computer. Using the Software Development Kit (SDK), you can create smartphone apps for both Android and iOS, or for PC, without worrying about writing code for device communication and control.

IOT Brick is a secure IoT device. The microprocessor acts like a credit card that can be used for countless applications: home automation, alarm systems, access control, motor control, and more. Simply by changing its configuration.


Application Logic and Functional Blocks

The basic functional blocks are like building blocks. By putting them together, you can implement complex application logic. The functional blocks are designed to implement a wide range of functions that fulfill real-use cases. There are numerous functional blocks available.

IOT Brick provides various basic functional blocks. For example, blocks that implement combinatorial logic, others that implement finite state machines, and still others that allow conditioning of input signals to convert them from analog to digital or make them pulsed. It is also possible to remotely control the inputs of the functional blocks through virtual inputs, and monitor the output states of the functional blocks remotely, enabling the creation of control dashboards on mobile phones or PCs.