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The Daily Routine with Frenkey and Digital Access

Morning: You wake up and get ready for the day. You don't have to worry about searching for keys because access to your rooms or apartment is done through the Frenkey app.

When you leave your room, the door automatically locks behind you, ensuring security and peace of mind.

During the day:

If you manage a lodging establishment, such as a bed and breakfast, you can use the Frenkey app to control guest access. You can assign them digital keys through the app, allowing them to access their rooms based on their reservation schedules. In the case of an office or coworking space, digital access simplifies entry for employees and authorized users. You can manage access in real time and revoke it when necessary.


During the evening, you have the ability to monitor access and check the activity log through the Frenkey app. You can see who opened which doors and at what time, providing enhanced security and peace of mind.

Before going to bed:

You check the Frenkey app to ensure that all doors are securely locked. If not, you can remotely lock them, even if you're already in bed.


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