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Frenkey: The Keyless Solution for Your Bed and Breakfast

The hospitality industry, including Bed and Breakfast establishments, is increasingly embracing the future through new technologies. One solution that is gaining popularity is Frenkey, a digital access system that offers a keyless solution for your Bed and Breakfast!

Convenience for you and your guests: With Frenkey, you can say goodbye to physical keys and provide your guests with a modern and hassle-free access experience. Your guests can access their rooms simply using a mobile application, making the entire check-in and check-out process faster and more efficient.

Flexible and personalized access: Frenkey allows you to assign customized access permissions for each guest. You can establish access times for the rooms, allowing your guests to access only during specific periods. Additionally, you can immediately revoke access once the guest has left your Bed and Breakfast, ensuring complete control and enhanced security.

Advanced security: Frenkey utilizes advanced encryption and authentication technologies to ensure a high level of security. Digital keys are protected and cannot be duplicated like physical keys. Furthermore, in case of a lost phone, you can immediately revoke access through the application, avoiding potential security risks.

Access monitoring: Frenkey records every access made to the rooms. This provides you with a detailed log of access events and greater control over the security of your Bed and Breakfast. You can monitor who opened which door and when, offering greater transparency and traceability.

Centralized management: With Frenkey, you have the ability to manage all rooms and access centrally through a single platform. You can easily add or remove guests, modify access times, and manage permissions according to your needs. This simplifies the operational management of your Bed and Breakfast and saves you valuable time.

Improved guest experience: Adopting Frenkey enhances the overall experience for your guests. By offering modern digital access, you avoid inconveniences associated with traditional keys and make their stay more comfortable and seamless.

By choosing Frenkey, you are investing in the modernization of your Bed and Breakfast and providing cutting-edge service to your guests.


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